AirPro 8000 Series

The Aitchison AirPro is a cost effective way to get maximum ground coverage, combining two proven technologies, a European seed and fertiliser pneumatic air system, with the proven Aitchison tungsten tipped inverted “T” boot and double coil tine system.

The Aitchison AirPro Series also features a 14″ disc coulter kit up front, with a rear rubber roller to close the seed slot and control seeding depth. The Aitchison Airpro drill is a purpose built direct drill which enables the end user to effectively rejuvenate old pastures or handle any arable seeding job with ease.

  • Electric drive for auto rate and easy calibration
  • 150mm row spacing
  • Folds to 2.8m transport width
  • Disc openers, tines, and rubber rollers ensure excellent germination
  • Unsurpassed contour following ability
  • 4.8m & 6m sowing widths
  • Seed, fertiliser and optional 3rd box
  • ISOBUS option available

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AIRPRO 8132E +

Electric Drive System

4.8m (16ft) overall seeding width

2.7m (8.9ft) overall seeding height

8m (26ft) overall seeding length

2.75m (9ft) overall transport width

3.5m (11.5ft) overall transport height

3.5m (11.5ft) overall transport length

4.8m (15.7ft) sowing width

32 no. tines

150mm (6″) row spacing

3750kg (8267lbs) weight empty

1000ltr (28.4bu) seed hopper capacity

1500ltr (42.6bu) fertiliser capacity

AIRPRO 8140E +

Electric Drive System

6m (19.7ft) overall seeding width

2.3m (7.5ft) overall seeding height

8.2m (26.9ft) overall seeding length

2.8m (9.2ft) overall transport width

3.9m (12.8ft) overall transport height

7m (23ft) overall transport length

6m (19.7ft) sowing width

40 no. tines

150mm (6″) row spacing

4550kg (10031lbs) weight empty

1000ltr (28.4bu) seed hopper capacity

1500ltr (42.6bu) fertiliser capacity

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