Grassfarmer Disc Drills

Experience greener pastures with the Grassfarmer® Series

The new generation 3000 Series Grassfarmer® is the one farmers have been waiting for. The 3000 Series is an improved and more refined version of one of the world’s most popular grass drills.

Aitchison has raised the bar yet again with a redesigned seed drill specifically aimed at making even lighter work of reseeding or renovating existing pastures. Engineered to exceed your expectations with a raft of new and improved features, the Aitchison Grassfarmer® range comes in a choice of models. Built with the sort of quality workmanship you would expect from a company that has built seed drills for 50 years. Used in a variety of applications, the Aitchison Grassfarmer® models require a minimum of maintenance and have the ability to sow accurately, from as low as 1kg up to 350kg of seed per hectare.
  • Unique Aitchison sponge seed distribution
  • Individual sprung discs give superior contour following
  • Rodent stop slide mechanism on all models
  • Aitchison seeding mechanism provides effortless access for cleaning after use
  • Large 14″ concave discs on Grassfarmer® disc models ideal for matted pasture renovation
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3014D +

Overall width – 2720mm (8′ 11″)

Overall height – 1550mm (5′ 0″)

Overall length – 1925mm (7′ 5″)

Weight empty – 590kg

Seed hopper capacity – 280lt (7.5 bu) US

Sowing width – 2.1m (6′ 11″)

No. Disc openers – 14 Discs

Row spacing – 150mm (6″)

3018D +

Overall width – 3320mm (10′ 11″)

Overall height – 1550mm (5′ 0″)

Overall length – 1925mm (6′ 4″)

Weight empty – 710kg

Seed hopper capacity – 365lt (10 bu)

Sowing width – 2.7m (8′ 10″)

No. Disc openers – 14 Discs

Row spacing – 150mm (6″)

3008D +

Overall width – 1250mm (4′ 1″)

Overall height – 1550mm (5′ 1″)

Overall length – 1950mm (6′ 5″)

Weight empty – 330 kg

Seed hopper capacity – 130lt (3.6 bu)

Sowing width – 1.2m (4′)

No. Discs – 8

Row spacing – 150mm (6″)

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