AH Series

The renowned range of AH Rotary Hoes are designed specifically for Australian conditions. The strong toolbar style design with rubber hull construction substantially reduces soil build up around the rotor that robs horsepower and fuel efficiency. More effective in wetter conditions, AH rotary hoes allow growers to work the ground earlier, plant earlier and get to the market earlier.
  • Tough and durable
  • Fit rippers for a one pass operation
  • More effective in wetter conditions
  • Great resale value
  • Rubber hull toolbar design
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HO-AH4255 +

Working Width – 2.54m

Tractor HP – 100-200hp

Total Width – 3.1m

Weight (without options) – 1100kg

PTO RPM – 1000

HO-AH4305 +

Working Width – 3.05m

Tractor HP – 120-200hp

Total Width – 3.6m

Weight (without options) – 1350kg

PTO RPM – 1000

HO-AH4355 +

Working Width – 3.56m

Tractor HP- 140-200hp

Total Width – 4.1m

Weight (without options) – 2800kg

PTO RPM – 1000

HO-AH4405 +

Working Width – 4.05m

Tractor HP – 160-200hp

Total Width – 4.59m

Weight (without options) – 1650kg

PTO RPM – 1000

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